Professional Make-up Courses

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Basic professional course for career seekers in the field, offering all basic techniques of makeup, 12 hours for BD 170.

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  1. Ahmed nasser says : Reply

    Do u offer a makeup courses for men?

    1. makeupatelier says : Reply

      Yes our courses are offered to men and women and they are one to one courses

  2. Ayesha says : Reply

    Can you please tell me more about your professional makeup course.

    1. makeupatelier says : Reply

      This is a 12 hr Basic course where you will be given all basics about skincare, skin tone, foundations, highlighting and contouring etc..all what a professional artist will need to know, total price will be BD170 with products worth of that amount.

  3. Hina says : Reply

    Hi. Is it a professionally certified course? Will you offer a certificate of completion?

    1. makeupatelier says : Reply

      Hi there,

      Upon completion of the course you will get a Certificate of Attendance.

  4. Amy says : Reply

    How many hours is each session?
    Do you run a Saturday only course option to complete the 12 hours? (Complete the course over three 4hour sessions on a Saturday??)

    1. makeupatelier says : Reply


      Each session is 2 hrs, and yes we are very flexible with time we can do a Saturday only for 3 hrs each . Just call 17593900 to book, so far Saturdays this month are free so we can book for you.

      Thank you

  5. Sinead says : Reply

    Hi I am interested in doing a professional make up course , can I have some details of what the course content is and how the course is structured and how long is the course.

    1. makeupatelier says : Reply

      Thank you for your enquiry.
      The basic professional course is for 12 hrs, 2 hrs per day for 6 days, either 10.30 am to 12.30pm or from 4pm to 6 pm.
      It is all abou the basics of skin type, tone,undertone, choosing foundations, diff tools, contour and highlight according to different face shapes and 2 different eyeshadow looks.
      Price is bd 170 plus products worth of that much.

  6. Ihsen says : Reply

    Hello! I would like to take the professional make up course. I would like to know your timings in Ramadan.

    1. makeupatelier says : Reply

      hello there!
      sorry for the late reply…
      Ramadan timings are as follows:
      Saturday to Thursday 10am to 4pm.
      Friday closed.

      Thank you for your enquiry.

  7. Anjana says : Reply


    I am planning to make career as a Makeup artist. I have gone through the messages and it looks fine to me. The total fee 170BD i will have to pay togther?


    1. makeupatelier says : Reply


      Thank you for your enquiry.

      The course is for Bd 170 for 6 days and you will be required to pay at beginning of the training course.

      Please call 17593900 for further assistance.

      Thank you

  8. Vicky says : Reply

    Hello. I will know to know if you still have this course”professional makeup course and the price

    1. makeupatelier says : Reply


      The professional makeup course is currently available weekly from Saturday to Thursday and it is for 12 hrs 2 hours per day for BD170 and you get a set of products worth of bd 170 also.

  9. Nasheeda says : Reply

    Hi ,
    my name is Nasheeda from kerala India.
    I want to learn all about of make up and will take as a profession. Including Bridel makeup, occasional makeup etc etc..
    pls let me know about your course details.

    1. makeupatelier says : Reply

      Hi Nasheeda

      The basic professional makeup course covers all about tools, skin types and skin tones and how to choose foundation accordingly, you will learn about different face shapes and eyes and how to correct the shapes and skin problems, highlighting and contouring and also about eyes . We do two different eye looks. The course will be theory and practical as well, all products and tools will be provided.

      Price will be BD 170 for 12 hrs, 2 hrs per day, and you get products worth of the course price.

      Timings (normal days): Saturday to Thursday either 10am – 12pm or 4pm to 6pm
      Ramadan timings: Saturday to Thursday 10am to 12pm only

      Hope that was helpful for any enquiry and bookings call 17593900.

      Thank you

  10. Suma Gajul says : Reply

    What products do you provide during the course?

    1. makeupatelier says : Reply

      hi Suma

      Products and tools used during the course will be from our brand Makeupatelier Paris and all will be provided you do not need to get anything. And at the end of the course you will get to choose also products worth of bd 170 for you.

      hope that was helpful.
      thank you

  11. Wokilay says : Reply

    In 12hours i will be perfect to do a simple make-up?

    1. makeupatelier says : Reply


      Thank you for your email.

      In the Basic professional makeup course we cover all aspects of makeup techniques, tools and products and we will do practical makeup as well, and then u will need to practise a lot to enhance your skills , so it will depend on you as well to continue practising and working.

      for further information contact whatsapp at 39609087

  12. Zaynab says : Reply

    Hello, I’d like to know further regarding the professional makeup course. My work hours are from 8-5 (Sunday till Thursday). Is it possible if I can do only Saturdays? (A total of 6 Saturdays, completing 12 hours)

    Do let me know the possibility!

    Thank you 😇

    1. makeupatelier says : Reply


      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Yes of course we can do every Saturday we are very flexible with the days and timings, just message me on whatsapp on 39609087 to book your seat.


      Hanadi Qasim

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